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28. October 2022

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Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (2)
  • 20. The Trickster reincarnated
  • 19. Ultimate outline system
  • 18. Mystical Day
  • 17. Heaven's Will Balance System
  • 16. The #1 founder in history
  • 15. The legendary mechanic
  • 14. I am a villain by Gao Fushuai
  • 13. Divine template creator
  • 12. Skyway-Bibliothek
  • 11. Idling system
  • 10. Save the king
  • 9. SSS class suicide fighter
  • 8. I beg everyone please shut up
  • 7. Trick of the shadows
  • 6. Path of the Devil
  • 5. Monsterparadies
  • 4. The strongest system
  • 3. Advanced School Technology System
  • 2. Solo Leveling / Only me leveling up
  • 1. Count's family rubbish

Light novels with cheat systems have something in common. In this genre, the protagonist has something special that sets them apart from other characters. It could be a new skill/skill, item, or knowledge.

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The cheat system is a popular genre in light novels. Cheat System light novels are full of action and adventure. Here are the 20 best must-read light novels with a gimmick system in 2021. Let's dig deeper.

20. The Trickster reincarnated

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (3)

Bell, a high school student, discovers that he can cheat on almost anything he comes across. He tested it on the world's first VRMMO. No matter how many patches the developers have released or how many times Bell has been banned, he always manages to create a new account and play. But one day he wakes up with a mysterious message on his computer.

Now Cheat Reincarnation is an interesting light novel with a cheat system. The plot is interesting and hides mysteries. It's worth reading.

19. Ultimate outline system

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (4)

The protagonist is someone who doesn't blend in with the crowd. Take the road less traveled. He was unbeatable and incomparable and wherever he traveled he was an "immortal" of that place.

Ultimate Schemeing System is the story of a man who travels to fight humans. In all honesty, this is a passable novel. The MC and story are both average. However, the comedic aspect is very good and you would laugh a lot reading this.

18. Mystical Day

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (5)

Luo Jing was close to death while taking a shower after accidentally touching an electrical outlet. Later, when he woke up, he was in the body of a man named Garen. As she slowly and steadily adapts to Garen's body, she begins to explore a planet beyond her imagination. His journey leads him to weld secret techniques so powerful they can destroy cities in the blink of an eye. However, he not only deals with Garen's body, but with many bodies on his long journey.

Mystical Journey is a rather underrated light novel with a cheat system. Personally, the plot is interesting and the character is good. There are also harem elements.

17. Heaven's Will Balance System

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (6)

The story's protagonist found a suitable body named Bai Xiao by reincarnating in the world of elementalists. Now Bai Xiao has found a trick in the system that will help him gain experience points by completing easy tasks as opposed to the experience points he gets by completing difficult tasks.

Heaven's Will Balancing System is an exciting light novel with a cheat system. The highlight for me personally would be the World Building. This novel is worth reading.

16. The #1 founder in history

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (7)

Lin Feng travels through time and finds a system. However, its pressure is as big as a mountain. Your main task is to start a school, create the number one sect in history and become the number one founder. To do this, he began to work hard.

Story Founder #1 is a passable light novel with a cheat system. The first few hundred chapters are interesting though. The protagonist is a worker. In the later chapters, however, things start to get confusing. Nevertheless, this light novel is recommended.

15. The legendary mechanic

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (8)

Han Xiao finds himself in the same game he loves to play. However, he not only finds himself as an NPC in the game, but also traveled back in time prior to the game's release.

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The MC was a professional power leveler prior to his transmigration. Using knowledge from his past life, he travels the universe in preparation for the players' arrival.

The Legendary Mechanic is primarily a science fiction light novel with a cheat system. There are giant robots (mecha) and they have harem and romance elements. It's a novel that had a sense of uniqueness. Only a handful of cheating light novels have mecha elements.

14. I am a villain by Gao Fushuai

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (9)

Lin Yuan has been turned into an urban novel. His new character is Gao Fushuai, who is a villain. With a villain as your character, you can now reap benefits regardless of the consequences. You can make choices and get the corresponding rewards.

I am Gao Fushuai Villain, an interesting light novel with a cheating system. Although the soap opera treated him as a protagonist for his actions, he wanted to remain a villain. You would be on a ride as you read this.

13. Divine template creator

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (10)

Origin is a skill, and in this world it is the Age of Origin. Many beasts spawned and humans bloomed like flowers with super powers. Su Hao, an ordinary high school student, has mastered a low-threshold origin skill called "Model Analysis." He came up with the idea of ​​using his skills to create a model of the entire world. Thereby he would become the god of this new world.

Godly Model Creator mainly contributes to your MC. The highlight of the MC is that he is a hard worker. Although he lacks talent, he is a hard worker. A decent light novel with a decent cheat system and plot.

12. Skyway-Bibliothek

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (11)

Zhang Xuan travels to another world and becomes a teacher. A mysterious library is seen in your dreams. As long as it's something you've seen, whether it's a human or an object, it will automatically piece together in your mind.

The protagonist of Library of Heaven's Path is simply overpowered, as are most famous light novels with a cheat system. That doesn't make the novel bad, but it does have its flaws. It was quite a journey for me personally to read.

11. Idling system

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (12)

John's only quest was immortality. For him, death was just the beginning, and transmigration into another world gave him a chance to relive his life. He is willing to pay any price for immortality. This trait of John is bound to be exploited by others. Now John has an entire kingdom to deal with. With the world as his enemy, John will still achieve his goals and destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Idle System has an amazing MC. His character is very focused on the "never give up" attitude. This novel focuses on themes of self-discovery, revenge and ambition.

10. Save the king

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (13)

An ordinary student accidentally travels to another universe and becomes king of a small kingdom. He received life's "cheat code" and accomplished something extraordinary. This is the story of a king who conquered continents and left a legacy to be celebrated for generations.

Hail the King is a good light novel with a cheat system with a seriously overpowered MC. The light novel was completed with a total of 1621 chapters. It may seem like a lot, but believe me, it's worth it.

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This light novel is unique because the main character is a woman that we don't see every now and then. She goes through many difficulties, which sometimes become very emotional. Highly recommend this light novel.

9. SSS class suicide fighter

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (14)

The protagonist craves an S-level ability so badly that he might even die to get it. However, fate took this literally. He has an S rank skill, but it only works when he dies. So what's the point of this?

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is a seriously underrated light novel. The MC, the world building, everything is on par with the best light con novels. While the romantic elements were pretty unexpected, it makes sense later on.

8. I beg everyone please shut up

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (15)

Chu Tian, ​​​​​​a freshman at the university, has acquired a special skill. This special ability allows your body to transform itself automatically based on feedback from others. There are certain instances when the power of his abilities was beyond imagination. For example, your friend once said, "It would be nice if my desktop partner was an experienced hacker." In no time at all, Chu Tian, ​​who had little knowledge of operating systems, became a skilled hacker.

Please everyone please shut up, it's a fun light novel with a cheat system. This falls under the "scam scheme" category, although it skirts the usual "scam scheme" conspiracy. There are also romantic elements and scenes from life. This light novel comes highly recommended as it has an amazing writing style and plot, amazing characters and a hilarious MC.

7. Trick of the shadows

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (16)

By sheer luck, Li Yunmu found a super machine from the dark ages of mankind. This point changes the entire course of your life. You don't have to live an ordinary life anymore. Li Yunmu has no innate talent or ability. But your shadow can level up with hacks. All combat skills can be hacked. You can even gain experience by killing bugs.

Shadow Hack is a famous cheat system light novel and if you are active in the community you know it. The characters and story are hilarious at times. There are harem elements if you like them. Shadow Hack is well worth a read and might as well be your next cheating schemes light novel.

6. Path of the Devil

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (17)

Lu Sheng is an ordinary official in the modern world. One night, after waking up from a long night, he found himself trapped in a treacherous world where monsters, ghosts, demons and otherworldly spirits are occupying the land and petrifying it. The mortals of this world are helpless and desperate to survive.

In order to survive, Lu Sheng stumbles upon a game mod he designed in his previous life. This unexpectedly became his special ability and now he can instantly upgrade any ability and defeat monsters.

Way of the Devil is unique for its horror elements. The horror and mystery elements were a surprise. There are no harem or romance elements in it. However, the story is slow and you might get bored. But in person it makes it even more unique.And?The MC isn't mastered overnight and isn't system dependent, which I think is a huge plus. This light novel of the cheating system does not fit the usual "dominant MC" and has a uniqueness.

5. Monsterparadies

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (18)

Lin Huang, a 15-year-old boy from Earth, lives his life in a world full of monsters. He was only 91 days old and with his little sister at the helm, he wasn't having much luck. However, he killed a dangerous vampire out of sheer luck and his whole life was turned upside down. With this achievement in hand, he decides to fight against the world of monsters with the help of his troops of humans and monsters.

Monster Paradise is a wonderful light novel. However, there are some cases where some MC related things don't make sense and there is no explanation for it. Not to say it's bad, it just feels like a flaw in such a great novel.

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4. The strongest system

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (19)

Lin Fan was in possession of a system that allows him to ascend indefinitely without any restrictions. All of this happened upon arrival in a whole new world. As he learns the powerful Monkey Steals Peaches technique, Lin Fan realizes that he is destined to become the strongest man alive.

The Strongest System is hilarious as hell. You will enjoy this masterpiece. The MC is friendly and hilarious. Some moments are just epic.

3. Advanced School Technology System

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (20)

Lu Zhou, a poor, hard-working college student, suffers from heat stroke while working in the scorching heat. After this incident, he somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. His college life changes overnight. Now you can earn a master's or doctoral degree. degrees with ease. You can become a big celebrity in the world of science.

Scholar's advanced technological system is without a doubt one of the best science fiction light novels out there. The storyline is incredible. Science lovers will love this masterpiece. It's an interesting novel and, believe me, it will leave a spark of interest in science and mathematics in your mind.

2. Solo Leveling / Only me leveling up

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (21)

A world where dungeons are connected to worlds in different dimensions. At the same time, monsters from different worlds collide and chaos reigns throughout the world. Amidst these horrifying abominations, humans have awakened abilities known as "Hunters".

Sung Jin-woo, an E-rank hunter, lives his "hunter's life" just to support his family. He later encounters a duel dungeon and eventually becomes the chosen one.

Solo Leveling / Only I Level Up is a famous light novel and you may have heard about it somewhere, why not? The story is great and so are the characters.

This light novel has one of the best gimmick systems in light novels and would make an amazing light novel to read. It's worth reading. It is of Korean origin.

1. Count's family rubbish

Top 20 Light Novels With Cheat System (22)

Kim Rok SooHe finds himself in another world and also possesses the body of a villain from the novel [Birth of a Hero]: Cale Henituse. In the novel, however, the villain is badly beaten. So you decide to avoid it.

Trash of the Count's Family is a fantastic light novel with a cheat system. The reason why it was ranked number one is because of its storytelling, great plot and realistic MC. The MC is buggy and that's what makes it great. The shortcomings are understandable. There's not much romance in it, and personally, it's better that way.

What's your favorite cheat system light novel?

Is your favorite cheat system light novel here? If not, mention your favorites in the comments section.

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