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Organization can lead you to greater efficiency.A tidy desk or office not only shows that you and your employees care about the environment around you, it is also a distraction-free zone.promote innovation and mental clarity🇧🇷 Basically, a productive workplace is the first step to focus on what you need to achieve.

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Experienced Organizer and TikTok Sensationlea husband, whose Marie Kondo-esque videos caused overwhelming joy215,000 followers, is a firm believer in organizing your workspace for maximum creativity, productivity and profitability. We spoke with Leah about some organization tips to make her workspace more responsive to the demands of her work, whether it's in her house or in a Manhattan high-rise.

Leah Maris Organizational Tips for a Productive Workplace

Teachable: What are the first things you can do to organize a home workspace?

Lea Mari:Your desk is a big contributor to your cluttered workspace, so keep it to a minimum. A little decor, your computer and whatever you're working on, purposefully placed and neatly stacked when you take a break, make a world of difference.

When clients visited an advertising agency where I worked, one of our owners would ask us to clear our tables for the clients to visit. I think everyone liked the feeling and thought it was okay to assign alittle time to zenize your space🇧🇷 They [also] did not stop at the organization: they disinfected and also went to their drawers. The 'good' of spending a little time in your space translated into doing it regularly and it has been very good for us.

T: What are the things to keep close at hand vs. the things to organize and hide?

LM:At your fingertips I would recommend whatever you are working on. If you have several projects,have only what you are [currently] working on on your desktop. When you change gears, you can change what you don't need to what you need. You can also just write this down in a notebook. I would also recommend keeping your to-do list open for reference throughout the day.

Tools like staplers that you use but don't use often can be organized and stored. I would also add items from meetings or anything you don't use regularly that you may need to refer back to later.

T: Do you have any general advice on how to set a table? And in the long term?

LM:First, don't hoard. Of course, if you get a lot of swag at your job, like an extra notebook you don't need or something that doesn't fit your aesthetic, it's okay to politely decline. Otherwise, your workspace will become cluttered.

Second, go through the work-related items in small chunks to see what you need and what you don't. You don't even have to [completely] organize your desk the first time by getting everything out. It causes anxiety, waste of time and does not create a habit. Instead, go five minutes between calls or after a long task or email.to separate and unzip.It's a kind of mindless activity that gives you a break and is still beneficial for work.

I would also use my one week method. Each week, your goal will be to get rid of one thing by recycling, selling, donating, or cleaning up a small space, and then keep it until the next week before taking care of another.

Third, remember that even your junk drawer can be decluttered. Put things on purpose instead of throwing them inside. If something in your junk drawer comes in a box, save it to use the top and bottom as a divider to divide your junk into sections. Or if you are ready to increase the space, you can do well.partitions like this.

Finally, don't go overboard with organization products. If you're having trouble organizing a room or certain things, do a Google search. But remember to pack when you go shopping – there are so many products you can have before your organized dreams turn into a cluttered table full of products. Some things that might come in handy are a stand for your computer screen(s) with a storage area underneath, a nice mug, an empty candle jar or rotating organizer for pens and the like, drawer dividers for your junk drawer, file folders, plus a stackable letter tray.

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It only takes seven steps

Would you like to share your knowledge with the world and make a profit at the same time? We have a "seven-step checklist" that outlines everything you need to start teaching anything you want online.

Leah Maris' organizational tips for creating the most productive workplace (3)

T: How do you incorporate custom bells and whistles so it doesn't feel sterile?

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LM:I like it when custom trinkets are tailored to your personal aesthetic. It helps to add a few nice, functional pieces like: B. a calendar you never need to replace or a cute paper tray. Whatever you do, don't overdo it. you can useinterest for inspiration, but think about how much space you have and how much you need for your work.

My desk doubles as a kitchen island right now, so I need more space. It currently has a vase with the body of a woman with artificial flowers inside to make the most of the vertical space, coasters, my computer, and a to-do list that I put in the drawers on the island at night.

T: Are there items you can buy and add to a home workspace that can inspire creativity, productivity, or innovation?

LM: Ultimately, personally, I think it all comes down to not buying too much in order to remain creative, productive, and innovative. We tag our homes and workspaces with the words "organized" and "organized," and it sounds super uptight, but it's really about creating a free and open zen space where you're not cramped. You can do whatever you want and the possibilities for your space and work are endless.

Of course, there are items that can blend aesthetically with your space and help with all of that, but it can be different for everyone. Be open to suggestions, but know that suggestions are not necessarily a guarantee.If you are [already] good at using a calendaror a specific Agenda book, for example, go along with it, but make sure you don't keep buying more and more Agenda books that say they work better. They will accumulate.

Let yourself grow personally and professionally. When we were in college, many of us had whiteboards for our to-do lists and calendars. This may have been turned into sticky notes, a notebook, or a digital file, and it's okay to get rid of the whiteboard now. If you have changed professions, you may need different materials to suit the nature of your work. Let go of what doesn't serve you.

Whatever you do, use what you feel helps when you feel most creative, productive, or innovative [at the time], whether it's a physical product or not.

Want more tips from Leah Mari for organizing your workspace at home or in the office?It's like I'm on TikTokto find your organizational solution.

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