How to Remove Google Forever (2023)

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Deleting your Google account seems impossible, especially if you're entrenched in its ecosystem. However, if you've decided to leave Google behind, know that the process is simple and easy to follow. We need to give Google credit for allowing users to opt out of their services. You can either delete your entire Google account at once, or you can delete specific Google services like Gmail and Google Drive first, and then slowly delete yourself from all services.


However, deleting your Google account is only part of the solution. You also need to find apps and services that replace Google services. We have listed some of the apps and services that you can use instead of what Google offers to make your life easier. But before proceeding with this guide and deleting your Google account, here is what you need to know before deleting your Google account.

Things to Consider Before Deleting Your Google Account

If you delete your entire Google account, you will lose access to apps, subscriptions, services and data associated with your account. Here are some of the things affected by deleting your Google account:

  • You lose access to data stored on Google services such as Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Google Contacts and Google Photos.
  • You lose your online history, including your owngoogle mapstravel story,Google search historyand YouTube watch history.
  • You cannot use your Google Account to restore accounts created on third-party websites.
  • Oflose access to play storeif you use an android smartphone.
  • you can't use yourChromebookeffectively without a Google account. You can use a guest account, but it will delete all files, cookies, site data, and browsing activity once you sign out.
  • Your current Google username is lost forever and you cannot recreate your Google account with the same username.

If you delete a Google account, all data associated with that account will be lost. So if you're ready to say goodbye to Google, you might be missing out on a lot. But you don't need to lose your data. Google allows you to download your account information. We recommend following these steps to download your data before permanently deleting your Google account.

Use Google Takeout to Download Data Before Deleting Your Google Account

Launched in 2011, Google Takeout is a platform that allows you to download a copy of the data that Google has about you. The platform makes it easy to export and download data from all Google apps and services at once. The benefit of using Google Takeout is that instead of exporting data separately from multiple Google apps, you can use Google Takeout to get all your data in one place. You can download your contacts, photos, notes, Google Maps history, emails and anything else Google has for you.

  1. Open the Google Takeout settings page by going tofood for This will bring up a list of all the Google services you've used.
  2. By default, everything is automatically selected, so uncheck the information that I don't want to download.
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  3. tightenNext stepI like.
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  4. Select the delivery method for your data. You may receive a download link via email or save it to cloud services like Drive, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox.
  5. Choose frequency, file type and size, although the default settings should work fine.
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  6. tightencreate exportbutton to continue.
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Depending on the size of the download, it may take a while for Google to send you the download link. After receiving the link, you have one week to download your data.

Before deleting your account, please reconfigure any accounts on third-party websites you've created with the Google account you want to delete.

How to Delete Your Google Account

With everything saved, it's time to take the final step: permanently deleting your Google account. Here is a step by step guide with screenshots showing how to delete your Google account.

  1. Access the Google account settings page by going
  2. To chooseprivate dataoption and go toMore optionsMenu.
  3. tightenget rid of googleaccount option.
  4. Authenticate with your Google account password.
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  5. Accept the two confirmations at the bottom of the page.
  6. tightendelete an accountButton to delete your Google account forever.
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Once you delete your Google account, you have 20 days to get it back. You can recover your account using theaccount recoverybook page.

Removing Individual Google Services: A Less Drastic Alternative

Google allows users to remove individual services. It's a less drastic alternative to deleting all data associated with your Google account. For example, you can keep your owngmail accountactive, but remove all other linked services like YouTube, Google Maps and more.

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  1. Open the Google account settings page by going
  2. To chooseprivate dataoption and scroll down to find itDownload or delete your dataPossibility.
  3. tightenRemove a Google serviceoption and authenticate with your password.
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  4. tightenTrash Symbolnext to a Google service to remove it.
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How long does it take for Google to delete your account?

If you delete your Google account, all forwarding data will be deleted immediately and you will no longer be able to access your account. However, your data will remain on Google's servers. Google has not clearly documented how long your data remains on its server.

If youRead Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Servicefor the deleted data, it is mentioned that it may take up to two months to delete the personal data from your server as Google gives you some time to recover your deleted data. However, this is mentioned in the context of deleting data from your Google account and not your account, so actual times may vary.

Can You Recover Your Deleted Google Account?

Google does not immediately delete your data. It will take a few weeks for the data to disappear completely. If you think deleting your Google account was a mistake, use Google account recovery tool to get it back.

Google did not provide an exact timeline. So if you want to get your data back, according to Google's help center, the best time to do so is within two weeks.

If it's been a while since you deleted your account, you may not be able to recover your account data.

To recover your account,Visit account recovery pageand log in with your access data. If you see a message that saysThis account has been deleted and cannot be recovered., you cannot recover your account. If you can sign in, you may be asked to answer some security questions. Follow the onscreen process to recover your account.

Replace Google apps with your alternatives

If you remove Google from your life forever, you will find that you use a lot of Google apps in your daily life. If you want to remove Google from your life, then you should use alternatives to these apps. We have great options to help you get rid of Google apps in your life.

Replace Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world and if you are using it then it's time to let it go. If you want to replace Google Chrome, you cannot replace it with a browser like Microsoft Edge or Vivaldi because these browsers also use the Chromium engine.

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The best replacement for Google Chrome is Mozilla Firefox. It uses its Quantum browser engine which is super fast. It also has a huge library of plugins that rivals Google Chrome's library of extensions. Mozilla Firefox is one of theThe best browsers for Android, Windows and other platforms you might be using. iOS users can use the default Safari app to browse the web on their iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

Switch from Google Maps to Open Source Alternatives

Google Maps is the hardest Google app to replace as there are no comparable alternatives in the Android world. If you use an iPhone, Apple Maps has improved by leaps and bounds and can be used especially in developed countries where Apple products are widely available. If you are using an Android, select one of theOpen Source Alternatives to Google Maps.

Switch from Gmail to Proton Mail

Most of us use Gmail as our email account provider because it is free and we don't need to set up our own domain.proton poleis a good option if you want to eliminate Gmail from your life. The best thing about Proton Mail is that your emails are encrypted, so it's more secure than what Google offers. Other options for replacing your Gmail address that you might want to consider areZohoMailNamee Microsoft Outlook.

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Use Google Play Store Alternatives

The biggest downside of deleting your Google account as an Android user is losing access to the Play Store. While you can easily upload any app you like, the process is not that simple and can come with some risks.

The good thing is that you can use Play Store alternatives to install most of the popular apps. BothAmazon App StoreYMirror APKare some of the best options for installing apps outside of the Play Store. We recommend reading ourInstall Android apps without Google Play Storeguide to learn more.

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If you prefer open source applications, we recommend that you useF-droidesave to computer. F-Droid is the play store for open source apps that lets you install apps and update them automatically. If you are adventurous, you canInstall a custom ROM without Google appso Services on your Android device.

Replace Google Search with DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular and widely used privacy-focused search engines. If you want a private search experience, useduck duck to wininstead of Google search. If you are not satisfied with the search results, you can occasionally use the built-in feature to query Google Search without sharing your private information.

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We also recommend trying new things.AI powered Bing search engine, which uses ChatGPT as its core. The new AI search engine is sure to disrupt traditional search engines by offering a more conversational search approach, allowing users to ask questions and refine the answers by providing multiple prompts. If you've been hoping to give up Google searches, we'd say this is the best time to do so.

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Other Google App Alternatives

Similar to the examples above, find alternatives to other Google apps. For example, you can replace Google Drive with One Drive or create your ownGoogle Drive-Alternative mit dem Synology NAS-System. You can use WhatsApp instead of Google Messages, Zoom instead of Google Meet, etc. A simple web search can help you find a valid alternative to the Google app you are using.

Permanently delete your Google account and associated data

Kudos to Google for deleting the account without any problems. You are now free from Google. However, you might want to check someencrypted messaging appsto keep in touch with the outside world.


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