How to Converter Spotify to MP3 Android? (2023)

Q: "As a sincere fan of Spotify, it has been my routine for years to listen to music from Spotify every day. There are thousands of songs I've heard on my Spotify. I would like to move these songs to my Android phone so that I can enjoy the music. "Music freely anywhere, anytime. How to download and move Spotify songs to my Android phone? Your help will be highly appreciated."

In fact, moving your music from Spotify to Android devices is no longer an impossible mission as there are several ways and services that can help you: First, you can download Spotify music and convert Spotify to Android MP3. And this tutorial here offers the best solutions to convert Spotify to MP3 Android for you.

  • Part 1: About the Spotify app
  • Part 2: Recommended Spotify Downloader App for Android
  • Part 3: Download and Convert Spotify to MP3 for Android with Prof. DRM
  • Part 4: Download Spotify Music for Spotify Subscribers on Android
  • Part 5: Comparison of the mentioned solutions

Part 1: About the Spotify app

It is well known that Spotify is an excellent music streaming platform developed by Swedish company Spotify Technology. Available in 65 regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, etc., it is almost embraced by music lovers around the world thanks to its imaginative music - more than 40 million songs are on offer. Also, Spotify is now free for phones and tablets. With the Spotify app, you can listen to artists and albums anywhere, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. There is also a ready-made playlist to suit your mood or personalized recommendations that will bring you more new songs. Follow the steps below to install it and play music:

Step 1 Download Spotify app from Google Play Store

Step 2: Sign in to Spotify with your account information.

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Step 3: Discover the music you like in the search box. There are also different types of music listed under different modes. You can choose anyone you would like to play.

Step 4 - Create a playlist for different types of music that you love and enjoy.

Part 2: Recommended Spotify Downloader App for Android

Although Spotify app brings more convenience to music lovers online, there are still some problems in enjoying music offline since Spotify doesn't allow users to download music. Luckily, there are some Spotify downloader apps available, and Spotify Downloader is recommended to you. Spotify Downloader is an excellent application that allows you to download tracks in playlists from any Spotify user account in simple steps.

Step 1 Visit on your Android and click "Quick Download" below and enter 924986 to download and install Spotify Downloader on your Android phone.

Step 2: Enter your Spotify user account name and click on the playlist to select tracks, then click "Start".

Step 3: Spotify music will start downloading soon.

Download and Convert Spotify to MP3 for Android with Prof. DRM

If users are unable to download music from Spotify even with a free downloader, it is actually due to the DRM protection of Spotify music, which prevents users from downloading music from Spotify and offline listening on their own devices. This time, the best way to convert Spotify to MP3 on Android is to use professional software. and Professor Built-in Spotify DRM Converter would be the most effective Spotify to MP3 app that can help users to remove DRM from Spotify and convert to MP3.


Leawo Prof.DRMis a powerful program designed to remove and edit DRM from iTunes videos (movies and TV shows).Remove DRM from eBooks, Music etc. and convert the removed DRM files to free popular formats like MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC for free playing on various music players. such asbest DRM removal softwareAside from fully preserving the original quality, Spotify Converter also allows users to customize the audio channel, bitrate, and sample rate of Spotify music for better output quality. Now, with this Spotify to Android MP3 compatible format converter, you can get free music from Spotify with DRM by following the guide here.

Note: You need to launch Spotify and play music without problems before launching Prof. DRM.

Step 1 Import music from Spotify to Prof. DRM

Run Prof. DRM first and then click Spotify icon to add the Spotify songs, albums or playlists. In addition, dragging and dropping albums/playlists to the program is also available.

Bonus Announcement: Spotify web users can also add a Spotify music file by copying and pasting the URL into the importer.

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Step 2 - Choose MP3 as the output format and set the audio quality

Hover your mouse over an imported song to show the edit icon, and then click on it to freely choose MP3 as the output format and set the right sample rate, bitrate, and audio channel. Then select "Apply to All" to apply these settings to all imported songs.

Step 3 Save the converted Spotify music

Click the "..." output button at the bottom of the interface to select an output directory to save the converted file.

Step 4 Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Click the blue "Convert" button below to start removing DRM and converting Spotify music to MP3. Finally, you can check the converted files in seconds in the "Converted" section.

Step 5: Import downloaded files to Android

You can find the converted MP3 songs in the file folder you saved. Now connect your Android devices to your PC with a USB cable or WiFi and send the songs to your devices directly. And it will play the music smoothly and freely on your Android device.

Part 4:Download Spotify Music for Spotify Subscribers on Android

Apart from the Spotify to MP3 app solutions mentioned above, there is also a premium version to enjoy music with Spotify app if you are a Spotify subscribed user with permission to listen music offline. Since you have purchased Spotify Premium subscription, you can download music from Spotify to Android in simple steps:

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Step 1. Open Spotify app and find the song you want to download.

Step 2 – Tap on the three dot options and then tap on the Save option.

Step 3: Go to "Your Library", there is a "Download" option under the "Shuffle" option. And then turn it on to see a downloaded arrow with each track when they've downloaded.

It can also be a Spotify to mp3 app, which can be very convenient for users to download and listen to Spotify music. Offline feature for subscribed users allows them to listen to the downloaded songs without internet.

Part 5: Comparison of the mentioned solutions

Several solutions are mentioned to download music from Spotify and enjoy free music on Android. So which solution would be the best and most suitable for you? You can take a look at the following comparison chart to know the pros and cons and choose the most suitable and convenient way.


Spotify App


Leawo Prof.DRM


play music online


Not allowed



play music offline

Not allowed

Not allowed




Not allowed




format conversion

Not allowed

Not allowed


Not allowed

To sue



no ads

no ads

audio quality



Good quality

Good quality






All the solutions mentioned here have their advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. Spotify app is the official program that allows users to listen to a large amount of music from all over the world for free. However, it does not allow users to download music and listen to music offline. Also, there may be some annoying ads that can interrupt the listening experience. While Spotify Downloader is a totally free program that helps users to download music from Spotify. It is something useful and useful. But sometimes the download doesn't work and the ads are nasty too. As a Spotify to Android MP3 converter, Prof. DRM is an amazing software that enables music enthusiasts to convert their favorite songs to DRM-free music in a popular format like popular MP3. This is a Spotify ripper app for Android that can do thatRemove DRM protection from music. Also, it is quite inexpensive compared to Spotify Premium. The monthly cost would be a bit pricey for some people, although relatively speaking it offers excellent service up to a point.

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Anyway, it's up to you to choose Spotify music converter app or premium or free solutions according to your actual needs. The solutions offered here give you detailed and thoughtful recommendations. Solving Spotify to MP3 problem on Android would be the main goal here. Feel free to try!


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