Business English Books: The Best Textbooks to Improve Your Business English (2023)

Improving your English skills in the workplace can provide you with more opportunities for professional advancement and lead you to new levels of professional success. However, learning business English can be frustrating if you don't use the right study materials.

With so many business English textbooks on the market today, it can also be difficult to find the option that best suits your needs and career goals. Since learning business English is hard enough, we've put together a handy guide to bring you the best business English books of 2023.

Check out the list of books below to find out which learning resource will help you excel at work and beyond.

How to choose the right business English book for you

Not surprisingly, there are many options for business English books. However, you still need to make sure that the book you buy suits your needs as an ESL business student.

The right textbook will match your language level, meet your business English goals and suit your preferred learning style. So how do you find the right book for you?

find your level

When you first research and buy a new textbook Determine your current level of business English. Now is not the time to be overly generous or overly critical of yourself.

A business English book for beginners may contain content that is too easy for you and does not improve your skills. On the other hand, an advanced textbook with content that is out of your reach will only leave you frustrated and unsympathetic.learn english for business.

Be honest to yourself; The right book will be challenging enough to keep you motivated, but first you need to know your level.

set some goals

Then ask yourself some key questions, such as: What are my goals? What do I want from learning? What do I want to be able to communicate when I finish this Business English book?

If you know what you want to achieve, say "finish a job at a marketing firm," you're much more likely to choose the right book.

Know your learning style

Finally,Define how you learn. Are you a visual or auditory learner? Do you like hearing new vocabulary or do you prefer to read it? Do you remember grammar better when asking questions or following custom activities?

It is important to choose a textbook that has activities that you enjoy. If you try to learn in a way that you are not interested in, you will find the process more difficult and less enjoyable. So before you buy, check what teaching style the book follows.

Remember, it doesn't matter how many different topics you cover, how much vocabulary you use in each lesson, or how complex your grammar structures are. If the book does not match your level, learning preferences and goals, it will not help you improve your business English skills.

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What makes a good business English book?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what makes the best business English textbook, there are three components to consider when choosing your textbook: organization, clear goals, and variety.


First, a well-organized textbook has a clear table of contents, a grammar section, and a glossary of terms or indexes. This makes creating a study plan easier to organize and execute.

Clear goals and progress

Second, a good business English book has clear goals and a progression.

From the first to the last lesson, you should feel like you are progressing from basic to more advanced skills to maximize your learning and remain challenged throughout the course. (The best textbooks even containlearning successes.)



After all, a good business English book should cover a lot of topics and lots of ways to practice them. These topics should be broad and cover a variety of industries and professions.

Ideally, the book also includes a Business English Workbook with lots of practice exercises to help you improve in all aspects of Business English: grammar, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening.

Which Business English Books Should I Read?

You must first find out which Business English book is right for you based on the conditions and resources outlined above, but there are two other important factors to consider if you want the best resource available.

First, you need to make sure that the book you choose is current (published in the last few years) or updated regularly with new editions. Because everything in the corporate world is constantly changing: its best practices, its markets and even its language.

Therefore, books to improve business English can only be useful if they can provide you with the most up-to-date and contemporary forms of communication in the workplace.

The best business English textbooks also provide cultural information to accompany your language lessons.

This content is essential as it will deepen your understanding of why English speakers in different regions have different ways of interacting with each other and can teach you non-linguistic tips (e.g. gestures, postures, facial expressions) that will strengthen your communication in English. . Conversations with colleagues and customers.

Armed with a checklist of all the characteristics that make a great business English book, as well as a clear understanding of your goals, learning preferences and language level, finding the book that is most suitable for you will be much easier. serve better.

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The 7 Best Business English Textbooks

Below we've listed our top 7 business English textbooks, including detailed costs, pros and cons, and who the book is best for. We ranked the books based on how well the content is structured, how accessible they are to various topics, and how many learning resources they provide for additional practice and self-study. leader(Pearson/Longman)

Calledmarket leaderfor a reason. This business English book was developed by experts in collaboration with financial times, one of the largest financial news sources in the English-speaking world.

market leaderincludes interviews, case studies and specific business English skills such as presenting, negotiating, leading meetings and participating in informal conversations, allowing you to expand your financial knowledge while practicing your ESL business English skills.

The book is available in five levels (Elementary, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced), so you're sure to find one that suits your needs. Also if you want to study for themCambridge Business English Certificate(BEC),market leaderprovides specific support for the read and write sections of the two upper tiers, BEC Vantage (B2) and BEC Higher (C1).


Varies by region, but ranges from $45 to $75 depending on tier and retailer


market leaderCombine free online resources with the textbook for immersive, continuous learning.

For additional support, Pearson offers supplemental materials for several specializations, includingaccounting and finance(supportsICFE exam),commercial law(supports ILEC exam),Personals, Logistics, Marketing, Ofwork across cultures.

In contrast

In order to be able to make full use of all the exercise modules, you need constant internet access.

(Video) 15 Business Books Everyone Should Read

best for

Entry-level and early-career professionals who want to develop their business skills while improving their ESL skills


With nine modules, divided into three volumes (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced),Business-Builderhelps Business English students strengthen their skills from day one.

This book sets goals and milestones with worksheets to track your learning progress. Modules 1-3 deal with "Social English", "Telephony" and "Job interviews".

Modules 4-6 include “Discussions and Meetings”, “business correspondence' and 'reporting'. Modules 7-9 conclude the series with "Introductions", "Corporate Products and Customer Relationships" and "Negotiations".

The book includes "Teacher's Notes" intended as a guide for business ESL teachers, but the tips, insights, and cultural tips are great for students looking for additional information.


$65 to $70 on resale sites likeSparbü


Business-BuilderIncludes activities designed to facilitate improvement in an area of ​​Business English that is relevant to you.

In contrast

This book focuses specifically onBritish English,As such, it may not be the best resource if you want to learn common terms in English or another English dialect.

best for

Groups and individual students who are motivated to learn independently and are fluent in British English.

3.overall business(exchange)

If you weren't impressedBusiness-BuilderThe nine modules of , don't worry. by Cengageoverall businessThe textbook offers twelve units.

these three levelsBusiness English coursedivides current business-related topics into three main sections: “Professional Business Vocabulary”, “Basic Business Communication Skills” and “Learning Strategies for the Business Context”.

overall businessfocuses particularly on grammar integration (remember theDifference between "who" and "who"Ö with "can" and "could"’) with everyday business English. This is done through a wide range of learning activities and a workbook that includes a solution key.


30 US-Dollar bis 55 US-Dollar


overall businesslives up to its name and covers a wide range of topics. This includes information about the professional world, company profiles, products, services and manufacturing processes.

In addition to business trips and occupational safety, this Business English book also offers tips on career development, the job market and future career prospects.

In contrast

overall businessis a classic ESL Business English textbook based primarily on exercises written to facilitate learning. Therefore, students who need more interactive exercises may find it difficult to adapt to this less engaging style.

best for

Students looking for a comprehensive textbook with activities covering all aspects of business English and grammar

Business English Books: The Best Textbooks to Improve Your Business English (3)

(Video) Business English 1 Advanced business(Pearson/Longman)

smart businessIt is considered the most accessible business English textbook for students "regardless of their level or experience in business". By providing authentic material from The Economist, a UK weekly newspaper,smart businessintroduces the basics of business English and is aimed at students who have not yet entered the business world.

smart businessalso includes a Skills Book for focused communication skills training, including Cultural Profile and Grammar Reference guides for quick access to functional business English. Asmarket leader,smart businesssupports the study ofCEFR examsand Cambridge BEC exam.


60 $


You can access and download review tests online to check your progress and improve your skills. Bilingual glossaries and business English dictionaries are especially helpful for business people new to Business ESL.

In contrast

smart businessThe content of is on the base page. For example, there are tips for writing emails in English. Students who already have basic business English skills may want to move on to more advanced books.

best for

Business beginners who want to get a solid start in the business world and improve basic business English skills

5.Business one: one(Oxford University Press)

Oxford University Press'Business one: oneThe textbook is available in two levels: Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Plus. Like many of the business books listed here, Oxford offers a wealth of online learning resources, including practical grammar activities,email practiceand an editable glossary.

what definesBusiness one: oneWhat sets it apart is its short, straightforward lessons, which not only introduce natural-sounding vocabulary and idioms for new Business English learners, but also improve fluency for experienced learners.

As the name indicates,Business one: oneIt was written for individual learners. So if you are used to learning independently or outside of a business English class, this book is for you.

The online site even offers a printable "Lesson Log" document that asks you to write down three new words, three useful phrases, and any key points you should remember from the lesson.


$15 to $50 on used book sites likesecond sale


Each lesson is only two pages long, making it easy to cover the material in a short amount of time. If you prefer extra support with independent study, the digital practice activities provide helpful hints and tips to keep you engaged.

In contrast

If you want to delve into some of the topics, you may be disappointed. The lessons are relatively short compared to other business English books.

best for

Advanced and independent learners with busy schedules who want to make their business English more natural express in English(Oxford University Press)

Along withBusiness one: one, Oxford University Press has an extensive English language learning library with over 200 textbooks to choose from. series includesAmerican English Archives, Oxford English for Careers, Ofto express in English. Of that theto express in EnglishSuite is our favorite.

to express in EnglishIt is useful for those who want to improve their business English skills in specific industries such as accounting, fashion, technology, human resources, marketing and advertising.

These short English textbooks contain role-plays, language tips, warm-ups, discussion questions and much more.

For those who prefer digital learning, you can also access your new eBooks online for more interactive features like audio and video clips.

(Video) 12 ESSENTIAL Business English Expressions - Improve your Business English


From $31 (for online resources)


With such a wide range of industries,to express in EnglishThe series will surely have something for your specific career. In addition, all learning materials have been developed by qualified language experts, so you can be sure that the content is very accurate and up-to-date.

In contrast

English Express content is based on British English. So if you are looking to break into the US market or learn to use English in multiple regions, you may need to supplement your learning with US resources. Also, it can be difficult to get hard copies of your textbooks.

best for

Business English ESL students who want to improve their EnglishEnglish for the officein various industries as well as practice with online activities

7. English365 and English for job search(Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge University Press has a collection of 10 Hard to Beat Business English Games. It covers everything from international business to startups. Each set contains different resources with different levels and accompanying workbooks.

Although this editor offers many great features,Englisch365 j Cambridge English for job huntingStand out if you want to improve your practical English skills.

Englisch365combines Social English, Traditional Business English and Public Sector English. It offers a comprehensive look at professional English in a variety of settings.

On the other hand,Cambridge English for job huntinggives students access to specific advice on the knowledge and communication skills job seekers need to apply for high-level positions, including how to prepare resumes, write cover letters and prepare for interviews.


$30 to $75 for individual components


The topics covered inEnglisch365They are highly relevant to all aspects of business English. Alternatively, the specificity of CambridgeEnglish for job searchmakes it especially useful for those trying to find their way into an English-speaking career.

Also, unlike most textbooks, these books can easily be ordered directly from the seller.

In contrast

These textbooks can be expensive ($30 to $75 per book). Each set usually contains five to ten separate books (although some parts, such as the teacher's manual, do not need to be purchased).

best for

Highly motivated students who want to improve their studiesBusiness English Vocabularyand skills for the 21st century labor market

Business English Books: The Best Textbooks to Improve Your Business English (4)


Hundreds of business English books are available on the market, so you need to find one that suits your language level, learning style and career goals.

Once you've found a textbook that meets these specific needs, make sure it's also well organized, follows a clear skill-building path, and offers a wide range of practical skills and activities.

While learning business English from one of the best books listed above can greatly improve your business English skills, it's no surprise that practicing these skills with a language expert is an even more effective way to master English in the workplace.

Durch PreplyCompany English trainingprogram, you and your colleagues can participate in virtual one-on-one lessons with experienced tutors anytime, anywhere.

(Video) Business English Expressions, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

They can give you personalized lessons or even help you work on a business English book by giving you personalized feedback and authentic practice.

So what are you waiting for? Join Preply to invest in your business English skills and maximize your earnings!


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