9 Ways to Say Face in Spanish | tell me in spanish (2023)

Carais a very useful and common word. Therefore, you might want to learn how to say this word in Spanish. That's why we've compiled a list of 9 popular Spanish words that mean face. Because this word is very informal, each Spanish-speaking country has its own terms.

Therefore, read the description carefully to know where to apply the words that we are going to show you. Luckily, some of these words are so diverse that Spanish speakers from other countries can understand them even if they don't use them all. At the end of this list you have 9 different ways to sayCarain Spanish.

Attention:Some of these words can have different meanings, so don't pay attention to their literal translation to learn different words for "face" in Spanish.

1. Lok

Although "loco" is the direct translation of "loco" in standard Spanish, this word is also used as a synonym for in informal conversationcara."Loco" is popular among young people and is mainly used by men. Spanish speakers use "loco" directly with the person they are speaking to.

Countries where "loco" means "boy":

  • Because
  • Dominican Republic
  • Puerto Rico
  • Nicaragua
  • Uruguay
  • Honduras
  • Ecuador

How are you doing,Lok?
How are you,Cara?

Of,Lok, See you tonight
OK,Cara,until this evening

Ey,Lok,When are we leaving?
NO,Cara,When do we go?

Tome Note:Since "loco" is used as a synonym for "face" in many countries, most Spanish speakers are familiar with its meaning.

2. Uncle / Aunt

If you're learning Spanish, you may have heard about itUncleÖManyBefore. Although they are translated as "aunt" and "uncle", inSpainThese words can also mean face when used in informal contexts. Other than "crazy"UncleIt is used for both men and women. But remember that when talking to a girl you must useMany

This word can be used both to speak directly to a friend and to refer to someone you don't know.

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ListenUnclein black can help you
ListenCarain black can help you

many,What are you doing? This is my bag
Cara,What are you doing? This is my bag

How was your trip to Mexico?Uncle?
How was your trip to Mexico?Cara?

Tome Note:"Uncle" is a completely different Spanish word. Although other Spanish speakers know this meaning, in other countries "tío" is used with its standard meaning.

3. Enter

Typis the default term 'friend' or 'friend'. This allows you to use it in all Spanish speaking countries. To use this word correctly, you need to know something. We only use "guy" to refer to a man you don't know, and we never use it directly to call that person.

who is thisTyp?

IsTypThe store sent you this, Chris
ÖCaraThe store sent you this, Chris

What's your nameTypwho sits with david
What is the name ofCaraWho is sitting with David?

Tome Note:"Tipo" is the direct translation of "face" but can also be used as a Spanish word for "face". his female form,Typtranslated as "girl" or "woman".

4. Kara

Cara(guey or wey) is one of the most popular Mexican slang words and one of its many meanings is synonymous with "uncle".Carait is known to all Spanish speakers; However, since it's fairly informal, we only use it in casual conversations. 'Güey' can be used for both men and women.

what a waveCara! are you ready?
And since,Kara!Are you ready?

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I said I need my sweater todayCara
I said I need my sweater todayCara

Method! OhDon't say that to your girlfriend! he will be angry
Kara!Don't say that to your girlfriend! she will be angry

How is the caseuncle,Spanish speakers from other countries know this word. Therefore, if you use it in other countries, people can understand it.

Tome Note:Güey can be written asCaraÖWey.Mexican speakers also use the abbreviated versionus(don't pronounce it like 'us'She English), which still retains the same meanings.


5. Madre

9 Ways to Say Face in Spanish | tell me in spanish (1)

madreIt is acostaricanischSense: slang term meaning "friend" or "friend". As an informal word, "mother" can only be used in casual conversation. Unlike other words on this list, "mae" may not be well known in other Spanish-speaking countries. So try using it only in Costa Rica or be prepared to explain to people what this word means.

Bueno,madre,see you in the morning
GUT,Cara,see you in the morning

What do you say,madre,how is the family?
So what's up,Cara,How is your family?

I think thatMaelives near my house
I think thatCaralives around the corner from me

Tome Note:As an informal word, "mother" has different meanings depending on the context. Also, "mae" can be used for both girls and boys.

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6. Trunk

Consist ofis another casual word fromSpainwhich can be used to say "friend". When using this word, keep in mind that "tribe" indicates a degree of familiarity. As a result, people use it to call a friend and not someone they don't know (which is what we do with "uncle" or "guy").

How is everything,consist of?
How's it going,cara?

Butconsist ofWhat trouble did you get into?
Carayou got into big trouble

What's up,consist of? Why didn't you come to work?
And since,cara?Why didn't you come to work?

Tome Note:This meaning of "tribe" can only be applied to Spain. Depending on the Spanish speaking country you are in,consist ofwill have different slang meanings. In Mexico and Colombia, for example, this word is synonymous with "clumsy".


7. Coal

in Argentina,coalis an informal word used by young people to say friend. "Chabón" is similar to "tío" in the sense that you can use it to call your friends or to refer to a person you don't know. Because chabón is a very localized term, other Spanish speakers may not be familiar with this word or are very likely to use it with other meanings.

who is thiscoal?
who is thiscara?

Becoalspeaks spanish very well
TheCaraspeaks spanish very well

What are you doing this weekend?cara?
What are you going to do this weekendcara?

8. Aser

emBecause,'asere' is a very popular slang term for 'friend' or 'friend'. This word expresses intimacy with the other person, which is why it is very popular among friends. Like "tío" in Spain and "güey" in Mexico,turn offIt is very representative of Cuban Spanish. When we have a Cuban friend, we use the word "asere" with him or her.

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¡Clean it up!Which bullet?
Kara!And since?

Ey,turn off,when you go to mexico
NO,Cara,when you go to mexico

Asher,but you didn't tell me how cute your girlfriend was
Cara,You didn't tell me how cute your girlfriend is

9. Comparison

"Compa" is another popular slang term for "man". Generally,Compit is most commonly used when speaking to men. In addition to using this word to refer to men they don't know, Spanish speakers also use "compa" with their closest friends.

This word can be used with this meaning in:

  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico

who is thisComp?

comp,is my car ready
Cara,is my car ready

Come with me,comp,let's take a break and come back earlier
Let's go,Cara,we walk a little and leave early

Tome Note:CompIt may have other uses in Mexico, so pay attention to the context.

Related function:CSombrero means compa in Mexican Spanish


The goal of most Spanish students is to be able to speak Spanish and sound as natural as possible. That's why we've created a list of 9 different words you can use to say "face" in Spanish. These popular words not only expand your vocabulary, but also allow you to use terms that are very common among Spanish speakers. Just make sure you choose the best option for your situation.

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Now you can go outside and start saying "face" in Spanish.


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