62 popular Indonesian phrases every traveler should know (2023)

IndonesiaIt is a country where different religions, languages ​​and cultures coexist on beautiful beaches, jungles and rice paddies. You don't want your vacation to be ruined by miscommunication, which can happen if you don't know where the bathroom is or how much that shiny trinket costs. Learning some popular Indonesian phrases will not only help you in difficult situations, but will also delight the locals.

Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia and is known by almost everyone across the country. Although you'll often hear Indonesian mixed in with the region's native language, this is the best option if you want to learn a few words while traveling around the country. The official status of these popular Indonesian phrases means that even outside the tourist areas of Bali, people will know the language. It is used for educational, media, management and all other administrative functions, and learning these basic phrases will make traveling around the country much easier.

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1. Basic Indonesian sentences

  • Hi how are you?- Hi how are you?
  • Everything is good- He is well
  • What is your name?- What is your name?
  • My name is..- My name...
  • Good morning!- Good morning!
  • Good morning!- Good morning!
  • Goodnight!- Good morning!
  • Goodnight! -Goodnight!
  • Long time no see- Long time no see!
  • Pleasure to meet you -Pleasure to meet you
  • NO -NO
  • Then-Z
  • Thanks- Thanks
  • how many/many- Swindler
  • I am really sorry- I went
  • Desire...- Desire...
  • I don't understand-I don't understand
  • Speak English?- Can speak English?
  • Do you speak Indonesian?- Do you speak Indonesian?
  • A little(in response) - Yes, a little
  • How do you say... in Indonesian?- How do you say... in Indonesian?
62 popular Indonesian phrases every traveler should know (2)

2. Phrases used in emergency situations:

  • I am really sorry- I am really sorry
  • I'm sorry, I won't do it again.- I'm sorry, I won't repeat it.
  • My wallet was stolen -My wallet was stolen
  • Help!- Help!
  • Fogo!- Fuego!
  • Call the police- Call the police
  • Where is the restroom?- Where is the restroom?
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3. Phrases for ordering food:

  • Excuse me, are there any restaurants nearby?- Excuse me sir, is there any place to eat near Sinin?
  • Come- Comer
  • Spicy- Spicy (if you don't want spicy, say Not spicy)
  • A plate of nasi goreng, please.I want a plate of fried rice
  • I like spicy -I like it spicy
  • Oil -Oil
  • Sugar -Sugar
  • To drink -To drink
  • Rice -here
  • Massa -mie
  • Delicious! -¡Bonito!
  • Verify please?- Can I ask for the invoice?
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4. Farewell phrases:

  • See you!- Until they find it!
  • We see! (feeling of meeting again in the future)- See you later!
  • Be careful/Be careful- Take care
  • Goodbye- Goodbye
  • Do not forget me!- Do not forget me
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5. Phrases denoting numbers:

  • 1- One;2- Of the;3- Three ;4- Four;5-Lima;6- Advance;7- Seven;8-Ocho;9- New;10-Diez
  • 11 -can be seen
  • 12- Sweet
  • 13 -To spend
  • 14-Catorce
  • 20- 20;30- Thirty
  • 100- to be;200-Two hundred
  • 1000- Mil
  • 10.000- Ten thousand
  • 1 million- A million

6. Phrases to resolve doubts:

  • For young peoplesorry sir
  • For young women –I'm sorry, little brother
  • For older men -sorry sir
  • For older women -I'm sorry mom
  • I would like to ask -I can, Tania.

7. Phrases to explain your feelings:

  • I am satisfied- I am satisfied
  • I am happy- I am happy
  • I am sad- I am sad
  • I'm disgusted- I'm disgusted
  • I'm confused- I'm confused
  • I am satisfied- I am satisfied
  • I'm sick- I'm sick
  • I'm hungry- I'm hungry
  • I am thirsty- I am thirsty
  • I feel uncomfortable- I feel uncomfortable
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8. Phrases that ask about the weather:

  • What time is it- What time is it now?
  • It is one o'clock- Now in ...
62 popular Indonesian phrases every traveler should know (7)

9. Various sentences:

  • No problem!-It's okay, Ana.
  • Great!- BOM!
  • exists does not exist- But
  • Open close -Open and closed
  • What is that- What is that

With these popular Indonesian phrases on the tip of your tongue, you'll have a much easier time navigating the country. Who knows, you might even avoid inflated prices when sellers realize you understand the local language! Learning a language is an interesting exercise that will allow you to experience the Indonesian lifestyle, so that you return with richer memories of your vacation.

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