12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (2023)

First impressions count on YouTube. One of the most effective ways to win the hearts of new viewers to your channel is with a memorable trailer.

In this article, you'll learn how to create a great trailer for a powerful YouTube hook.

What is a YouTube channel trailer?

A YouTube channel trailer is a video created to help viewers learn about your channel quickly. When enabled, the trailer will appear at the top of your YouTube channel page and play automatically for unsubscribed visitors.

The trailer is crucial because if you will make an effortpromote your YouTube channel, you need a way to convert that traffic into subscribers.

Here's what to include in your trailer to grab viewers right away:

  • A brief presentation of your business and your channel's target audience (bloggers, wanderers, gamers, etc.).
  • An overview of the type of video content you publish.
  • A highlight reel of your video content.
  • Your video upload schedule.
  • A compelling call-to-action (CTA) that encourages viewers to subscribe.

Here's a super simple YouTube channel trailer template from Biteable:

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How to make a trailer for a YouTube channel

So how can you create a YouTube channel trailer that covers all the above basics in an interesting way? let's dive

1. Put yourself in the viewer's shoes

To create an impressive YouTube channel trailer, you must assume that the viewer knows absolutely nothing about you or your brand and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does the viewer want to know immediately about my channel?
  • What knowledge is most important to convey in the first few seconds?
  • How I want the viewerfeel after seeing the trailer for my channel?
  • Why would they be pushed back to my channel?
  • What tone should I use: playful, humorous, serious, informative?
  • What color schemes and fonts suit my brand?

Viewers should be confident that they have found the right channel for themselves within the first 5-10 seconds using just the information provided in the video trailer.

These questions are critical to achieving your goalVideomarketingGoals, whether building a community ormake money on youtube.When you understand what your audience wants, not what you dothinkthey want, you can offer valuable content.

2. Create a well-structured script

If you're speaking in your trailer, write a script or jot down some talking points for your video.

Structure your video from start to finish and give it a clear and compelling message. The more concise and impactful your channel trailer is, the better it will work.more points of viewand new YouTube subscribers.

From the words and images that appear on screen to the music and sounds that viewers hear, everything needs to convey your channel's message clearly.jwatch your waythe brand looks and feels.

Here is an example of a great (scripted) channel trailer:

(Video) How to Create a YouTube CHANNEL TRAILER that grows your Following

Important NOTE:Using a script or outline for your trailer is important, even if you're not someone who does itHe usually schedules his videos.

You have a lot of material to cover and you only have about a minute to do it. One script will help you avoid many"um“ and allow you to reach all important points in the shortest possible time.

3. Use subtitles and clips

To make your trailer more attractive, combine short scenes, sounds, text (music, voiceover, or both). Add a short title on the first screen or list the main topics covered in the video.

Also, you might want to use subtitles for those watching the trailer without sound. Perhaps they were listening to music at the same time or were discouraged when it automatically started playing.

Here is an example of a YouTube channel trailer with subtitles:

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (2)

Watch the channel trailer here

4. Includes high quality music and graphics

Nothing draws your viewers in more than animated graphics combined with thatreal song. The superb graphics will captivate viewers and the music will set the tone and energy of your channel trailer.

Just make sure you only choose music and graphics that resonate with your words, your channel, and your brand..A cohesive brand presence leads toincreased brand awareness, making your company and product memorable and recognizable to viewers.

there are manygraphic design softwareThis makes it easy to keep your images consistent and of high quality.

Appeal to the senses in your video traileremotionalGet your viewers to subscribe.

While Asana isn't a channel trailer, it does show a good example of unique art:

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (3)

Watch the video here

According to veteran video strategists, it's important to keep your viewer's eyes moving so you can focus their attention on your video.

(Video) How To Create A YouTube Channel - 2023 Beginner’s Guide

This aspect is particularly important as YouTube channel homepages are known to often look quite “busy”.

Everywhere you look there are buttons, playlists,Video-Thumbnails, and even an option for viewers to leave your channel entirely!

But while dynamic, fast-moving images have been shown to increase engagement, keep in mind that this type of content isn't ideal for itatYouTube channels, such as a meditation channel.

But youhe canStill, use elements like text, visually appealing images, and short cutscenes to grab the viewer's immediate attention.

5. Automatic short circuit

The main purpose of a YouTube channel trailer is to introduce new viewers to great things about you, your brand, and your contentas soon as possible.

Completely differentexplainer videos(which are great on your channel), your channel trailer itself should immediately grab your viewers' attention and within seconds provide all the information they need to decide whether or not your channel is right for them. .

What are the odds of someone watching a five or 10 minute video before deciding if they're in the right place or not?

While there is no "perfect" length for a YouTube channel trailer, you should aim for between 30 and 90 seconds.

That should be enough to let new viewers know who you are, what kind of content to expect from your YouTube channel, and when you'll be posting new uploads.

Remember that less is more when it comes to YouTube channel trailers.

6. View Highlights

As YouTube says, "Show, don't tell". Not only can you share all the important information about your brand and channel, but you can also show your audience a highlight video that encourages them to check out your channel videos.

And make sure these are real highlights from real videos on your channel. It will save you from thatwithdrawlater, when he realized that his videos didn't live up to the expectations of new subscribers at all.

If you're worried about not having enough time to give your audience the information they needlike thisshows a highlighted role, don't worry. You can do both things at the same time. The trailer for Will Smith's YouTube channel is essentially a big highlight reel.

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (4)

Watch the video here

As a small business, you won't have such extreme highlights, but you can use short scenesShow your audience the style and tone of your videos.Are they funny, educational, serious, relaxing, entertaining, actionable?

Highlights for your company can be:

(Video) Duolingo for Talking to Children - SNL

  • Glitches and other funny clips
  • Clips showing interesting ways you provide information
  • Clips of industry influencers who will be interviewing you

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (5)

This is easy if you already have some videos posted on your channel. Simply select one of your best clips and feature it in your channel trailer.

Use the YouTube channel trailer to show your audience what to expect from your videos.

Which brings us to the next and shortest piece of advice:

6. Save videos in advance

You can't view highlights if you don't already have any videos ready. You don't have to post all of them, but just enough to back up the claims in your trailer.

On the home page of SearchLab's YouTube channel, you can immediately see from the video thumbnails that you're about to learn and laugh about local SEO.

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (6)

SearchLab YouTube channel home page

Also note that video thumbnails are greatYouTube-SEO-Tactics.

7. Take viewers on a journey

As humans, we tend to be attracted to other people, and showing your unique personality on camera can help you form deeper and stronger connections with new audiences.

That's where storytelling comes into play. The most successful channel trailers are the ones that take viewers on a journey.

Don't just provide viewers with information; Take them on a journey andshowyour story.

That means everything from why you started your channel to the topics you cover and everything in between. Stories can be fascinating!

Storytelling also has the following benefits:

  • Isreached the emotional quotient;
  • makes it easier for youconvey your personality;
  • is Kkeeps your viewers engagedand want more;
  • And alsomakes your content more memorable.

When you tell personal stories in fun, new, and up-close ways, people feel like they know you, which ultimately leads to thatmore subscribers on your channel.

Here's an example of a YouTube channel trailer that takes viewers on an exciting ride:

(Video) 12+ Chutney Recipes for Idli Dosa | Cooking Channel Trailer | Channel Trailer

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (7)

You can see the trailer here

8. Finish with your signature CTA

If you've followed the tips above, you've given viewers enough reasons to subscribe. But you still have to consciously ask the question.

Here are some common subscription versions:

  • "Be sure to click the subscribe button"
  • "If that sounds good, subscribe to my channel right now"
  • "Get started and subscribe now so you don't miss a thing"
  • "And now it's time to apply!"

It does not matterifYou deliver your pitch, but make sure it's explicit and on-brand.

Tools to create stunning YouTube channel trailers

Creating a compelling trailer for a YouTube channel takes work, but it isn'ti loseabout it! There are dozens of tools out there, so to make things a little easier for you, here are three of my favorites.

9. beißbar

beißbaris a handy tool to create great YouTube trailers. comes withHundreds of fully customizable templates to choose fromand you can add your own personal touch with your images, music, text and footage.

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (8)

10. On video

InVideois an easy-to-use online tool that allows you to easily edit and create YouTube videos. It offers multiple templates and option to add songs from audio files list, images, GIFs and more.

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (9)

With this tool, you can let your ideas flow freely and create professional videos even if you are a beginner.

From adding subtitles to your YouTube videos to adding voice-overs, you can produce any type of channel trailer with InVideo.

11. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmorais a free and powerful video editing tool that you can use on both PC and Mac. This program is simple and easy to use, making it ideal for beginners without much editing experience.

12 Tips To Create An Attractive YouTube Channel Trailer (+ Examples) (10)

(Video) Phone Interview Questions and Answers Examples - How to Prepare for Phone Interviews

If you want to see even more options, mostYouTube editing software listed hereIt can be used to create trailers as well as edit videos.

Start working on your YouTube channel trailer to generate subscribers

A YouTube channel is a great optionPromote your business on YouTube. Use these eight tips and three tools to create a great YouTube channel trailer that can do itBuild a brand with a loyal following:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your viewers
  2. Create a well-structured roadmap
  3. Use subtitles and clips
  4. Includes music and high quality graphics.
  5. keep it short
  6. show highlighted
  7. Save videos in advance
  8. Take viewers on a journey
  9. End with your signature CTA
  10. Bit-Board
  11. InVideo
  12. Wondershare Filmora


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