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12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (1)

Lyrics apps are a convenient way to save your time searching the web, all with the option on your mobile phone. There are many apps that will get the job done and come with a variety of additional features.

This article shows some great lyrics apps that contain up to millions of tracks. Some of these apps have some useful features like:

  • Karaoke-Mode
  • DemonstrationLyrics with guitar chords
  • Remarks(which examine the songs in more detail and provide interesting information about the song and/or artist)
  • music recognitionTell me what song are you listening to?

However, due to the number of such applications available, it is helpful to understand the purpose of each application. Here are 12 of the best lyrics apps on the market today.


  • 1. Genie
  • 2. Shazam
  • 3. Healthy dog
  • 4. Musixmatch
  • 6. Offline guitar chords and lyrics
  • 7. Lyrics Library
  • 8. Learn languages ​​with music
  • 9. Hobby Texts
  • 10. ALS song
  • 11. Lyrix
  • 12. Karaoke: Sing unlimited songs
  • Summary

1. Genie

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (2)

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Genius claims to have a library of over 1.7 million song lyrics. However, the real attraction of this app is less the actual lyrics and more the fact that it also provides annotations to the lyrics. These notes examine the meaning behind the lyrics, often drawn from artist interviews and other well-researched sources. Some artists even provide verified notes for their own songs.

A new feature also allows Genius to analyze songs played on your phone by another app and extract the corresponding lyrics. So you can enjoy your favorite song and sing along at the same time!

2. Shazam

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (3)

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Shazam is one of the most popular music apps that allows you to identify any song within seconds. You can automatically add the song to your Apple Music or Spotify playlists and watch the song's music video on Apple Music or YouTube.

It also syncs the lyrics to the song for you, so you can sing along in real time to the lyrics that appear on your screen. It is one of the most popular apps today.

3. Healthy dog

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (4)

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With SoundHound, you can easily identify any song playing in the background and view full song and lyric videos in real time. One of the main features of this app is that it saves all the songs this app uses to search your history and syncs them to a personal music card so you can track where you first heard a song.

This app syncs with LiveLyrics so you can enjoy a karaoke-style experience. It also comes with a hands-free system that allows you to interact with the app by saying "Hey SoundHound..." and executing the command you want.

4. Musixmatch

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (5)

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Musixmatch claims to have the largest library of lyrics of any music app and can sync across multiple platforms includingYoutube,Spotify, OfPandora. What makes this app stand out is that you can use it to get song translations on the go. It lets you understand a variety of songs, with translations appearing in time with the music.

You can also search for songs using just one line of text, so you can find any song even if you don't know the song name or artist. Your lock screen will also automatically display song lyrics when you use the LyricsCard feature. The premium version of the app offers a number of additional functions.

5. Ultimate Guitar: chords and tabs

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (6)

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Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs has one of the largest libraries of chords and tabs for guitar, bass and ukulele, but also provides lyrics. It has an easy-to-read font format with an auto-scroll feature that makes it more convenient.

Ultimate Guitar claims to store over 1 million songs in its app and even has an offline feature. You can even change the chords, lyrics and tabs to suit your personal needs. In short, it's an explosive multipurpose app.

6. Offline guitar chords and lyrics

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (7)

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This is a great app for all guitar players. It allows you to learn any song with the help of lyrics and simple guitar chords that are easy to understand for beginners.

This app allows offline access to over 18,000 song titles. It also automatically scrolls through the lyrics so you can sing along while playing the guitar without being interrupted. If the app's database doesn't contain a specific guitar chord you're looking for, you can also request it.

7. Lyrics Library

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (8)

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This lyrics app not only has an extensive database of lyrics but also allows you to write, edit and save your own lyrics to the app. You can share your lyrics or add chords to them too. You can organize your lyrics by folders and keep backup copies of them. In essence, Lyrics Library acts as a one-stop shop for all your lyrical needs.

8. Learn languages ​​with music

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (9)

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This app combines language learning with music in a fun way. All you have to do is choose a song to listen to and choose the right lyrics to fill in the missing words. It allows you to improve not only your listening comprehension but also your vocabulary, reading and grammar skills.

It is available in more than ten languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Finnish and Catalan. It also includes non-musical content for variety such as movie clips, TV shows, speeches and more. Other features are:

  • Karaoke-Mode
  • Bilingual Dictionary
  • integrated translation
  • Competitive Mode: Allows you to challenge strangers and friends.

9. Hobby Texts

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (10)

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This app has a music library with numbers in the millions. Allows you to listen to music on your device and instantly get the lyrics, with karaoke syncing to the hottest songs.

Also, its MusicID feature allows you to identify any song on an external device like the radio and get artist details, song names and full lyrics, making it a useful app for users on the go.

10. ALS song

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (11)

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This app has a library of over 7 million song lyrics. It syncs and saves lyrics automatically when you play a song for the first time, after that it can sync lyrics for 30 days without internet. You can also edit the lyrics if you think there is a mistake, or register a new set of lyrics for the song.

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This app works with other apps: When you use another app, you can still have your lyrics in front of you with the help of the Floating Lyrics feature. Among other features, you can also securely send and receive files to and from other devices using your own 8-digit key, as well as lyrics to a large number of international songs with direct translations and English lyrics translations.

11. Lyrix

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (12)

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The reason Lyrix is ​​such a great and useful app is that it lets you find and download song lyrics for offline use. When you listen to music through your favorite music apps like Spotify, Deezer and many others, you'll see the lyrics. The app also gives you the ability to browse lyrics by artist and genre.

It has multilingual feature for better customizability, font size change and voice search option. The best thing about Lyrix is ​​that the app is free and comes with tons of different features worth exploring and utilizing.

12. Karaoke: Sing unlimited songs

12 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android (2023) - Musicians Wave (13)

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Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs is an excellent application with many useful features such as karaoke, song lyrics download, audio and video special effects. The app consists of a variety of genres like pop, R&B, rock, rap, hip-hop and many more.

While many features make this app a great and smart choice, there is also an interesting and useful feature that allows you to translate your lyrics, record yourself and share your performances.

What else can one say about this all-in-one app other than it is a widely used and highly rated app currently serving one million customers.


These apps are wonderful resources for musicians because they can be used offline, offer music libraries near you, and provide lyrics for you to read and learn. They're ideal for people who want to take their music with them everywhere, or just want to learn the lyrics to songs they love.

The above 12 apps are among the best and most used apps serving millions of customers worldwide. You can use them easily and simply on iOS and Android devices to enjoy your favorite music and sing along with your friends.

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While other apps perform a similar function, these 12 apps stand out for the number of different features they offer their users. They also let you choose whether you want to search for lyrics by artist, song, or language.


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